Check Out Our Native American Turquoise Collection!

Whether you are shopping online or visiting our storefront, we have got the turquoise gifts that you are looking for.

Our turquoise jewelry collection features vintage Fred Harvey pieces as well as modern works from the Lovato family and Herbert Ration.

If Native American Jewelry isn’t your thing, check out our collection of carved fetishes. This stunning Corn Maiden from Colvin Peina would look fabulous in any collection.

If you happen to be in Santa Fe, you can check out all of the turquoise available online in the store. Try it on, and fall in love. If you are out of town, we have way more than whats on the webstore. Give us a call and let us help you find the perfect gift this Christmas!

turquoise_cuff2  silver_squash_blossom turquoise_concho_belt1 turquoise_kachina_cuff3    crespin_jet_necklace4 buffalo_fetish2

2 thoughts on “Check Out Our Native American Turquoise Collection!

  1. Lee Case says:

    I was there shopping the first weekend of Dec. Michael and one of his coworkers were helping me. Michael showed my daughter and me a beautiful turquoise bracelet, heavy with decoration even on the inner part of the cuff. It was in the big show case of bracelets, in the back left hand corner in the far left row. I know I’m asking you to find a needle in a hay stack but I figure there’s a chance Michael might remember us and the bracelet. We are from Uvalde, Texas and discussed that Michael is from Tyler. We even discussed the fact that we don’t drink anymore. I bought a beautiful string of stamped, silver beads and a pretty snake chain bracelet. I hope any of this rings a bell with y’all. Long message short: I would like to buy that turquoise bracelet/cuff. I look forward to hearing from y’all.

    • Miles says:

      Hello Lee! Our apologies for just now replying to your comment. I have spoken with Michael and he does remember your conversation and visit. We have selected the silver cuff Michael believes is the one you had looked at. It has a single green turquoise stone in the center with heavy metal work on both sides including various stamping and feather motifs, as well as silver stamping on the inside of the cuff. If you would like, you may leave your email in the comments or email us at so we can send you photos of the cuff and move ahead with the purchase. Enjoy the rest of your day and we look forward to hearing from you.

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