More Bakelite Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Double Take, through years of consistent service, has attracted pieces from some of the nation’s best dealers and collectors. Owner and staff have become knowledgeable and savvy about methods of authentication, seeking print and online confirmation of our assessments. Double Take welcomes interest and exchange of knowledge, ideas and collectibles from other dealers and enthusiasts.

Facts about Bakelite are widely known and easily researched. Rather than a redundant list of Bakelite facts, we share some facts you may not know: For instance, did you know that “Bakelite” jewelry is actually made from a very similar plastic called Catalin. True Bakelite is only found in Black or Brown while Catalin can be found in a wide variety of colors. Catalin is produced the same way as Bakelite, but without extra fillers.



Check Out Our Native American Turquoise Collection!

Whether you are shopping online or visiting our storefront, we have got the turquoise gifts that you are looking for.

Our turquoise jewelry collection features vintage Fred Harvey pieces as well as modern works from the Lovato family and Herbert Ration.

If Native American Jewelry isn’t your thing, check out our collection of carved fetishes. This stunning Corn Maiden from Colvin Peina would look fabulous in any collection.

If you happen to be in Santa Fe, you can check out all of the turquoise available online in the store. Try it on, and fall in love. If you are out of town, we have way more than whats on the webstore. Give us a call and let us help you find the perfect gift this Christmas!

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Our Web Store is Now Open!

Our customers have been asking for a web store for years. Well, it’s finally here! And just in time for the Christmas Holiday. From designer clothing to turquoise jewelry, we have a little bit from every section of our store.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, this Virgil Ortiz Handbag could be perfect for the fashionista in your life. If your loved one loves knives, why not get them a one of a kind Damascus Steel Knife.

Make sure you get your orders in before December 16th to guarantee delivery by Christmas!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Double Take!

Marie Gurule Designs

Marie Gurule is a local clothing designer and screen-printer devoted to creating quality stylish attire. Each design is hand-drawn and printed on the garment varying in placement to achieve a more individual look for each piece. The majority of the prints are done by hand-painting the design on a screen creating the stencil and then printed with water-based ink, making the entire process completely chemical free.

Her tattoo flash style drawing is influenced by her late Uncle Bill Wissman, Santa Fe’s famous tattoo artist. Magpie, her children’s line, depicting the nature of the southwest, is printed on second-hand clothing primarily supporting non-profit organizations. One of her more recent adult lines, La Onda, represents New Mexico pride in the more fashionable way.

Marie started out by drawing on used clothing to cover up blemishes, which later developed into screen-printing her designs. She has spent most of her life in Santa Fe and has helped out since she was a young girl at her Aunt’s consignment store, Double Take, surrounded by creativity and inspiration to find new ways to reuse items. She has traveled and studied all over Latin America, which has further broadened her artistic ideas and encouraged her to preserve the uniqueness of New Mexican culture.

Chavelas Jewelry

Yvette Lopez, a Santa Fe native, grew up with some of the most influential artists in the world. She has taken that knowledge and her life experiences to pave a career path in the world of jewelry and fashion. Chavela’s jewelry is a combination of turquoise, gold, silver and a blend of unique stones. All materials that are used in this collection are believed to have meaning. This collection is made for women of any age. Yvette’s eye for color, visual expertise and individual artistic style lends a unique approach to Chavelas Jewelry.